5 things to Consider while Planning a Basement Renovation

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

Just like any other project, getting started with your basement renovation is the hardest part. This involves careful planning, which helps to keep everything under control including the budget, design, functionality, and timeframe.

Therefore, if you are planning to renovate your basement, do consider these most essential factors for the desired outcome.

1. Hiring a Contractor

You should look for contractor who possesses the right skills and experience to handle each job in a professional way. Asking your friends or family members for a recommendation isn’t a bad idea. Moreover, talk to different contractors in your area and share your design ideas with them. A good contractor is one who cares about your means and is capable of maintaining highest level of workmanship while working on a project.

2. Timeframe is Crucial

Make sure to determine a fixed timeframe for your basement renovation. Also discuss this with your contractor to avoid any issues later. This would allow you to get the project finished within an agreed upon timeframe and without any extra expenses. To avoid any delays, make sure to finalize the design before actually starting the renovation. This is so, as a change of plan may affect the estimated timeframe, especially when the work is underway.

3. Finalize your Budget

Giving life to your best basement ideas is possible only if you have a fixed budget for such renovations. If you don’t plan this, it would cause trouble right in the middle of an ongoing project. So it is advised to calculate the overall budget and consult with a contractor about the feasibility of getting such a renovation with the fixed amount.

4. Try to Enhance the Functionality

Apart from enhancing the aesthetic value of your home, a basement must also maintain its functionality. Therefore, the basement should serve the purpose for which it has been built. It should be spacious, functional and a well-designed part of your home.

5. Dealing with Moisture

Moisture is an unwanted guest that you should avoid to maintain the looks and structural integrity of a basement. This suggests that when planning your basement renovation, you should be more than concerned about the moisture. Ask your contractor to analyze the moisture content in the basement and implement the methods to eradicate any issues.

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